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Greenspace Self-Assessment Tool

If you have completed a therapy session, please complete a Greenspace Self Assessment

Willowbridge Community Services uses the Greenspace Assessment Measurement Tool throughout various therapy processes. This is known as Measurement Therapy.

What is Measurement Therapy?

These assessments help your therapist provide more feedback and information about your progress in therapy, which helps in decision-making, reduced biases and earlier detection of health changes. It also helps your therapist to view your symptoms and progress to give you transparency and control over your treatment. You may be asked to complete an assessment once every 1, 2, 4 or 8 weeks. In some cases, you may be asked to complete a short assessment twice per week.

How to Use Greenspace

1. Register

Your therapist will provide you with a unique kiosk code, that you can use to register for an account. If you do not receive this code, you can also visit Greenspace Health  and select ‘Sign Up’. Here you will enter some basic personal information and select whether to receive assessments by email or SMS (text message).

2. Complete Assessments

When it is time to complete an assessment, you will receive an email or SMS text containing a link to the assessment that has been selected by your therapist. The assessments are short and can be easily completed on any device.

3. View Results

Visit to log in to your secure and encrypted account. You and your therapist can review the assessment results and overall progress.

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