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Couples Counselling Services

Here at Willowbridge Community Services, we understand that every intimate relationship is different. No two couples are alike, and all couples are welcome at our agency. We recognize couples and families of any orientation, gender, culture, age, or structure – including queer, non-binary, and polyamourous partnerships.

We know that in all intimate relationships, there is always struggle. Relationships are hard work and they require tending to.

We believe that by working with an impartial, non-judgemental couples’ counsellor, you can gain insight into your relationship and improve your satisfaction with it. Addressing issues early on can help you to avoid confrontation and improve communication. At Willowbridge, our counsellors work to treat the relationships themselves instead of focusing on each individual separately.

Sometimes, individuals make the decision to end a relationship or struggle to do so. Our Counsellors can offer you support and guidance as you look to clarify your feelings, find strength and courage, and begin anew.

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for Couples

Couples Counselling

Get counselling help and insight
for your relationship.

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Separation and Divorce

Get counselling to cope with
the end of a relationship.

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Intimate Partner Violence

Get free counselling if you are a
survivor of intimate partner violence.

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