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Men’s Specific Counselling Services

At Willowbridge we understand that there are issues and concerns that are unique to men. For many, there is pressure, stigma, and shame surrounding issues like feelings of unmanliness, beliefs about masculinity and sexuality, problems with dating, sexual performance or porn addiction issues. It can feel difficult and shameful to unpack past or present abuse, low libido, vulnerability, or heartbreak.

To make matters more complicated, most mainstream media sends messages about the ideal man, suggesting that they always have to be strong; that it’s natural for men to be unable to communicate their emotions; and that they just need to tough it out.

At Willowbridge Community Services, we can help you to overcome these messages without judgement.

We know that these issues can be difficult to talk about, and our counsellors work to help you feel comfortable, normal, and without shame. Counselling can support you to have positive conversations about men’s issues and find the tools to overcome them.

Contact our Intake worker to be matched with a counsellor who best suits your needs.

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