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Family and Children Counselling Services

Here at Willowbridge Community Services, we know that every family looks different.

Family can be blood, adoptive, or chosen. Family members may live together or separately, struggle at any income level, and they may be supportive or they may not. Families come from all different cultures, values, shapes and sizes. However, as different as our families may be, we believe that every family impacts who you are and who you will become. Whether through their absence or their presence, most of us learn how to see the world and relate to others from our families and caregivers.

It is through the relationships with our family and caregivers that we begin to form our sense of self.

Strengthening family relationships, working to resolve conflict, and finding healthier ways to relate can help you lead a better life. Whether your goal is reunification, separation, forgiveness, or stronger, more understanding relationships, our professional family counsellors are here to support you. At Willowbridge, family counselling begins with setting goals. In order to reach those goals, family counselling focuses on addressing any unhealthy or ineffective communication patterns, roles, expectations, and boundaries that operate within the family. Since families share such long and sometimes complicated histories, it can take practice to change entrenched patterns. But once you build momentum, change can happen in surprising ways.

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All Counselling Programs
for Family and Children


Help children express feelings in a safe counselling environment.

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Help an adolescent into a safe counselling environment.

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Help for parents who may need extra guidance or solutions.

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Work & Family Balance

Help find a balance between your personal and professional life.

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Separation and Divorce

Help your family members cope with separation and divorce.

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Blended Families

Help create a new blended family structure with our counsellors.

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