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Family and Children Counselling Services

Work & Family Balance

Balancing family life with work commitments can be difficult to do. The pressure to perform professionally can be highly stressful, and priorities can get fuzzy when you constantly feel torn between two important areas of your life.

It’s okay to ask for support.

If you’ve found yourself having more arguments with family members about time spent working, have been cancelling social plans regularly, or feel stressed out and overwhelmed, our professional counsellors can help. We work with you to build your communication skills, to set purposeful schedules, create goals for the future, clarify your boundaries and focus on the things that matter to you most.

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All Counselling Programs
for Family and Children


Help children express feelings in a safe counselling environment.

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Help an adolescent into a safe counselling environment.

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Help for parents who may need extra guidance or solutions.

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Work & Family Balance

Help find a balance between your personal and professional life.

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Separation and Divorce

Help your family members cope with separation and divorce.

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Blended Families

Help create a new blended family structure with our counsellors.

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