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Individuals Counselling Services

Individual counselling is available to anyone, for any concern. At Willowbridge Community Services, we celebrate people from all different backgrounds and know that everyone has experienced trauma, hardship, grief, loss, or sadness at some time in their lives. The experience of trauma and the way those around us respond to it deeply impacts how we see the world and how we form relationships. Counselling can help you to reframe feelings of negative self-worth, provide insight into how you interact with the world, accept your authentic self, and begin to make changes for a fuller life.

We believe that individuals have the ability to harness their strengths and overcome the challenges they face.

We know that it is possible to build healthy coping strategies, positive relationships, and to address the concerns that are holding you back. You don’t have to do it alone. Our therapists can offer you support as you work together toward a more positive future.

Contact our Intake worker to be matched with a counsellor who best suits your needs.

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All Counselling Programs
for Individuals

Panic and Anxiety

Learn to cope with panic and fears to regain control.

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Learn how to combat depression and regain your happiness.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Learn to manage obsessive behaviours and regain control.

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PTSD and Trauma

Learn to cope and overcome PTSD and traumatic events.

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Other Mental Illnesses

Learn how we counselling helps with any mental illness.

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Grief and Loss

Learn how to process grief and loss in a healthy way.

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Learn how to work through addictions and take control of your life again.

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Body Image/Eating Disorders

Learn to look and think of yourself in a healthier way.

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Healthy Relationships

Learn what healthy relationships look like and how to seek them.

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Workplace Stress

Learn how to manage workplace stress and priorities.

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Past or Present Abuse

Learn how to address past or present abuse from relationships.

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Intimate Partner Violence

Learn to address violent trauma from intimate relationships.

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Special Needs

Learn how we help community members with special needs.

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