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Grief and Loss

Grief is the experience of loss, and loss can be one of life’s most painful events. Many people imagine that loss refers only to the loss of a loved one, but for many of us the loss of a relationship, friendship, pet, job, or even a home can result in changes that are difficult to adjust to. Grief can cause numbness, anxiety, depression, and feelings of shock, anger and fear. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed or hopeless.

You don’t have to struggle alone.

At Willowbridge Community Services, we know that everyone responds differently to loss and that grief is a complicated emotion. There is no right way to grieve, and all feelings, thoughts, reactions, and challenges are valid. We all feel grief after a loss and it can take time and support to overcome. If your grief has become overwhelming and is preventing you from living a full life, our Counsellors are here to support you. We can work with you to alleviate your pain, and provide strategies for managing intense emotions.

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