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Pivot Behaviour Supports


Finding the turning point for change


At times, people with a developmental disability may express their unmet needs through behaviour that confuses or concerns others. The experience of pain, trauma, frustration or a lack of control can be difficult to communicate and for some individuals may result in behaviours that disrupt an individual’s ability to live a good life.

Pivot Behaviour Supports offers behaviour consultation, short-term clinics, training opportunities and various groups to help individuals learn new skills, assist caregivers in understanding unmet needs and to develop effective interventions in the home and community. Our Behaviour Consultants focus on interventions that address the root causes of behaviour and reduce behavioural disruptions in everyday life.

At Willowbridge, we believe that challenging behaviours are reduced when we empower individuals to lead good lives by focusing on healthy relationships, celebration and participation.

This often means understanding the caregiver’s relationship with the individual and their strengths, needs and resources. The way we interact with our loved ones ultimately plays a large role in changing their behaviour.

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Behaviour Consultations

Behaviour Consultation
for Adults

Get help to support positive communication and behaviours in adults with developmental disabilities.

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Behaviour Consultation
for Children

Get help to support communication, self-expression and behaviours in children and youth with developmental disabilities.

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