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Family and Children Counselling Services


At the best of times, parenting is a challenge. Leaving children room to grow while simultaneously being supportive, caring, and helpful is a tricky balance. Most parents find themselves asking, “am I doing this right?”

It takes courage and strength to ask for help when you’re unsure what to do next.

Whether you’re hoping to identify what’s already working well, would like support in dealing with some of the difficulties that all parents face, or are in need of assistance dealing with mental illness, Willowbridge Community Services has counsellors who can support you.

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All Counselling Programs
for Family and Children


Help children express feelings in a safe counselling environment.

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Help an adolescent into a safe counselling environment.

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Help for parents who may need extra guidance or solutions.

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Work & Family Balance

Help find a balance between your personal and professional life.

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Separation and Divorce

Help your family members cope with separation and divorce.

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Blended Families

Help create a new blended family structure with our counsellors.

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