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EnCompass Service Coordination

EnCompass Children and Youth

Receiving an education. Participating in the community. Looking forward to the future. It’s what every child deserves. Our Service Coordinators work with caregivers, families, and a network of support agencies to ensure that children under 18 living with developmental disabilities or a dual diagnosis receive adequate care, support, and access to fundamental services. We work with kids to plan for their future success and independence while advocating for their seamless transition into adult services wherever possible.

Ongoing Coordination

Advocating for your child

In Ongoing Coordination for children, our Service Coordinators work to encompass all areas of need in each child’s life. We support children living with developmental disabilities and their caregivers as we work together to access services, build skills, and plan for an independent future. We offer support and strategies at home, in the community, and at school to make sure that children feel included, valued, safe, and supported as they navigate the challenges of growing up.

Our Service Coordinators work closely with other service agencies and are caring, supportive and highly trained. We work with families and caregivers to make sure that children are getting the most out of community services and the education system.

This service is available to residents of Brantford and Brant County.

Transitioning to Adulthood

Moving toward independence together

For youth living with an intellectual disability in the Hamilton area, our Transitional Aged Youth planner provides support and opportunity during the transition into adulthood. Youth in extended society care and their caregivers can meet with our planner and explore their dreams for the future and develop an exciting Transition Plan with those who know them best.

We work collaboratively with child and adult community services, as well as Children’s Aid societies. Together, we create thoughtful plans that ensure smooth service transition and support youth as they make their journey into adulthood.

This service is available for youth in extended society care, aged roughly 16 – 18. The Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton and the Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton can make direct referrals to Willowbridge.

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